Research activities spanning all the sciences that can systematically help us explore Masungi‚Äôs sense of place and identity are welcome. These kinds of research enable us to further understand the karst landscape that we exist on and provide deepened insight on how we can protect it and coexist with all life forms that live on it. 
We also welcome international and local research and knowledge-sharing that can promote effective conservation practices yet to be mainstreamed in the Philippines particularly in the areas of conserved areas (as defined by IUCN), privately-managed conservation (as defined by IUCN), developments for conservation, and sustainable development. We rely on know how from other parts of the world and contributions by the science community in the country for our practices in Masungi Georeserve. 

Please reach us at for any proposals and initiative and include pertinent information.

Rolando Pena discussing the Geological history of the Masungi Georeserve. 


Chen Mencias sharing best practices in ecotourism planning and management.


Case practice sharing with the Danjugan Island, a marine-focused land trust conservation project located in the Negros region in the Philippines.


Case practice sharing in conservation and ecotourism with the Costa Rican Ministry of Environment - a country pioneering payments for ecosystem services and private landowner involvement in conservation .


Discussing innovations in conservation financing and resourcing from projects from all over the world.


Sharing the Masungi Georeserve experience in private conserved areas and conservation innovations.