Our conservation policies revolve around the idea that the georeserve is meant as a sanctuary and home for animal and plant life in the Philippines. Appropriately, as visitors, we must treat the area with respect and conscientiousness. This applies for the entire area – the trail, the parking zones, and all areas fronting and within the georeserve from Kilometer 45 – 48.

As a model for conservation and sustainable tourism in the Philippines, we kindly enjoin our guests to take part in our way of conduct in the area. These are consistently practiced across our management, our members, and our guests.

Access to the georeserve including the trail is designed for end-use, private groups only.

Visits must be requested and arranged ahead of time via or any of our accredited travel partners.


Absolutely no littering of any kind allowed.

This said, please ensure that plastic packaging and all loose objects such as cameras, sunglasses, etc. are secured and will not fall off.


The park is strictly a non-smoking zone due to the air and health pollution that it causes.

Bringing in of smoking paraphernalia falls under this and is also disallowed. Smoking instruments (lighters, cigars, cigarettes, etc.) are to be surrendered at the georeserve entrance, or be kept in the car.


Noise is not permitted.

These may post strain on the area’s wildlife and be disruptive for other guests.


Should you be fortunate to encounter wildlife, do not feed or touch the animals.

This may include monitor lizards, snakes, civet cats, cloud rats, and monkeys, among others.  Picking up of flowers, rocks, and other specimens are likewise prohibited. All of these are here for everyone to enjoy. Ensure that permission is sought from the management should this be necessary.


Omit personal tipping.

This ensures non-interference of visits to priority conservation work, and encourages consistency in experience among guest visits. Contributions if insisted may be deposited in designated communal buckets which will be distributed to all park rangers and staff.

When going on the trails, always listen and follow the safety instructions that will be shared by park rangers. The management has the responsibility, and reserves the right to deny access and impose penalties for failure of compliance to the policies above. Please take note that a penalty of PHP 3,000.00 applies for first non-compliance to littering, smoking, and picking/collection of animals, plants, and rocks policies.